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Formulated as a boutique HVAC Rep office, you will find 42 years of experience at the helm. Dave enjoys helping engineers, designers, and business owners with their HVAC needs. DB Sales is a differentiated HVAC Rep office that focuses primarily on the residential and hospitality industries, including senior living, mixed use, apartments, hotels/motels, car washes, oil exchanges, fire stations, outdoor restaurants patio heating, and more.

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About Us

CEO: Dave Balent

Dave earned his engineering degree from Pennsylvania State University. He then accepted a position with the Trane Company and completed their six month executive training course in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. From there, Dave was assigned to the Colorado office and never left, having spent 36 of those years representing McQuay/Daikin as the local Colorado and Wyoming representative. In April 2022, Dave started DB Sales Agency Inc. continuing the legacy that has brought him so many happy moments shared with his customers. 

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I found that in today’s market, people that actually care about what they do and are willing to do what is needed are few and far between. In my experience, Dave is one of those rare individuals.
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